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October 19, 2015

All that you didn’t know you have to know about jeeps

How did the word originate?

The word “Jeep” is a broadly bantered about subject. The most well-known conviction is that the name is gotten from the GP assignment that the Ford organization gave the vehicle, where individuals mixed the two letters together to complete a word. Others trust that it originated from the term that the Army used to assign untested vehicles – they essentially alluded to them as jeeps. A third option is that the name originated from Eugene the Jeep, a character in Popeye.


When it was first made?

The Army Jeep was initially presented in 1941. The main Jeep interpretation, nonetheless, was the Bantam BRC. Subsequently, the Army permitted Ford and Willys-Overland to make the Army Jeeps that were to be utilized for battle.

How many numbers of varieties are there?


There are 37 distinctive jeep concept vehicles. As the years progressed, many varieties have been introduced and approximately 74 unique models of years are out in the market, including Civilian Jeeps and Army Jeeps. As of now, there are six models of new jeeps which are under production. This comprises of the Jeep Grand Cheerokee, The Jeep wrangler, the Jeep Compass, the Jeep Commander, the Jeep Liberty and the Jeep Patriot.

Which year was the Civilian Jeep introduced?

Willys-Overland created that jeep in 1944. Assigned as a CJ which is also referred as civilian jeep, the held the basic design and form of the Army Jeep until 1986, when it was remodeled and release as the Jeep Wrangler.

Know about the bet

In 1940, all automobile companies were required to participate in a competition which was set up by the military. This was done to quickly locate the right vehicle for the upcoming war. The offer end date was July 22, 1940, the organizations has just around 49 days to design and present a suitable model, and afterward had an additional 75 days to complete the required 70 vehicles.

They likewise needed to fit certain details:

  • Payload of approximately 660 pounds
  • A three person crew
  • Tracks have to be 47 inches or less
  • Four wheels drive
  • It should not weight more than590 kgs (1300 pounds)
  • Should have a single engine and it needs to reach 85 ft-lbf of torque
  • A windshield which can be folded against the hood
  • Wheel base of 75 inch

Obviously, just three organizations entered: Willys Motors, Ford Motor Company and American Bantam Car Company. Despite the fact that Willys offered the most minimal value, American Bantam was the main company that finished the models in time. Sadly, it fizzled the torque test, and the opposition was re-opened to Ford and Willys.

Other Facts:

Jeeps have been delivered and amassed worldwide throughout the years. Areas include: Korea, Japan, Mexico, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Philippines, Italy, India, France, China, Canada, Belgium, Argentina, Egypt, Israel, Brazil, Australia, Argentina, Netherlands and Colombia. During World War II more than 647,925 Jeeps have been produced. As of now, Chrysler holds the Jeep name.