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October 21, 2015

All about autonomous cars


Autonomous cars also has other names such as driverless cars, self driving cars, these vehicles has a unique design and technical functionality. Hence it can be driven without the human’s input. This is done by the vehicle’s sensing device which checks its surrounding and picks the right path towards an assigned destination.

The main features which are found in autonomous cars

Keeping in mind the end goal is to drive the vehicles with no human data, the driverless autos require very much an advanced hardware, which incorporates a GPS, a radar, lidar and a computer vision. In the meantime, these autonomous cars likewise incorporate a control framework that will deal with all the procured information so as to make a map of the entire area, all while having the capacity to pick the best navigational ways and seeing which impediments come in their direction.

The vast majority of the models that you can discover at this time are demonstration systems or prototypes, with no model approved for road use at this specific time. In any case, it’s vital to note that the self-driving autos innovation has advanced a considerable amount and we will have the chance to have road legal models soon.


Regardless of the fact that they weren’t as amazing as the models you can discover today, the early autonomous cars were made in the 1920s. Those had the capacity to drive in line with no human information, in spite of the fact that they did require powerful programming so as to do that. The present day prototypes can sure drive themselves with less human info, with models from Nissan, Bosch, Toyota, Mercedes, and Google. Moreover they are functional models, despite that it has not yet been approved to be used on roads and keeping such autos from being accessible in the markets. Couple of US states, for instance, Florida and California permits the utilization of such autonomous cars; however an overall acknowledgment of this sort of autos is still far away.


One can derive lots of benefits by using the self driving cars. Simpler parking, along with greater speed limit, less car accidents and the safety of vehicle occupants plus the expanded roadway limit are some of the advantages. Along with all those plus points, the person require smaller insurance and less police vehicles will be lined up on the road.

Future of autonomous cars

As we know this, the self-sufficient autos are surely the future of driving. Regardless of the fact that they are not completely acknowledged on the streets at this moment and they require a considerable amount of hefty testing to go through all the security regulations, we’re not far behind in introducing them on road for common public. Our bright future is based on those autonomous vehicles and is eco-friendly as well. In addition to that, in the future people will use these vehicles on a daily basis. At present many research centers are trying to alter the model and make it available for public at reasonable rates.

October 19, 2015

All that you didn’t know you have to know about jeeps

How did the word originate?

The word “Jeep” is a broadly bantered about subject. The most well-known conviction is that the name is gotten from the GP assignment that the Ford organization gave the vehicle, where individuals mixed the two letters together to complete a word. Others trust that it originated from the term that the Army used to assign untested vehicles – they essentially alluded to them as jeeps. A third option is that the name originated from Eugene the Jeep, a character in Popeye.


When it was first made?

The Army Jeep was initially presented in 1941. The main Jeep interpretation, nonetheless, was the Bantam BRC. Subsequently, the Army permitted Ford and Willys-Overland to make the Army Jeeps that were to be utilized for battle.

How many numbers of varieties are there?


There are 37 distinctive jeep concept vehicles. As the years progressed, many varieties have been introduced and approximately 74 unique models of years are out in the market, including Civilian Jeeps and Army Jeeps. As of now, there are six models of new jeeps which are under production. This comprises of the Jeep Grand Cheerokee, The Jeep wrangler, the Jeep Compass, the Jeep Commander, the Jeep Liberty and the Jeep Patriot.

Which year was the Civilian Jeep introduced?

Willys-Overland created that jeep in 1944. Assigned as a CJ which is also referred as civilian jeep, the held the basic design and form of the Army Jeep until 1986, when it was remodeled and release as the Jeep Wrangler.

Know about the bet

In 1940, all automobile companies were required to participate in a competition which was set up by the military. This was done to quickly locate the right vehicle for the upcoming war. The offer end date was July 22, 1940, the organizations has just around 49 days to design and present a suitable model, and afterward had an additional 75 days to complete the required 70 vehicles.

They likewise needed to fit certain details:

  • Payload of approximately 660 pounds
  • A three person crew
  • Tracks have to be 47 inches or less
  • Four wheels drive
  • It should not weight more than590 kgs (1300 pounds)
  • Should have a single engine and it needs to reach 85 ft-lbf of torque
  • A windshield which can be folded against the hood
  • Wheel base of 75 inch

Obviously, just three organizations entered: Willys Motors, Ford Motor Company and American Bantam Car Company. Despite the fact that Willys offered the most minimal value, American Bantam was the main company that finished the models in time. Sadly, it fizzled the torque test, and the opposition was re-opened to Ford and Willys.

Other Facts:

Jeeps have been delivered and amassed worldwide throughout the years. Areas include: Korea, Japan, Mexico, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Philippines, Italy, India, France, China, Canada, Belgium, Argentina, Egypt, Israel, Brazil, Australia, Argentina, Netherlands and Colombia. During World War II more than 647,925 Jeeps have been produced. As of now, Chrysler holds the Jeep name.


October 10, 2015

Tips to own your car


It is everyone’s dream to buy a car of dreams. However, we often hurry and end up in a decision that impacts our experience. We may dream about cars, but the reality is we often miss out some of the basic criteria while selecting it. So, before you buy a car, make sure that you consider all the following points for better results.

List your requirements

Requirements are most important part of purchasing a car. You must list out all the requirements for a car before you buy it. The requirements can be anything that defines your need. It can be whether it will be for personal use or commercial use, fuel economy, driving region and many others. These are very important for selecting the right car. If you want a buy a car that would run on hilly terrains then the best suit is different and on the other hand for snow area, it will be different. So, the requirements are always important for selecting the car.



Well, one cannot deny the importance of the budget of the car. You have multiple options for selecting the right car but at the end of the day, you have to see your budget. The budget may differ from individual and should be the foremost parameter for the car selection.

Lease or Buy

Well, when we talk about owning a car, two options prevail. Leasing and buying both have valid advantages and disadvantages and one must decide the best way to go. You can drive the expensive car for the lesser price and change your car frequently with the lease service. However, you will always get the best experience with no restriction and freedom to modify the car if bought. One must understand the difference and act accordingly.

Compare the features

It is for sure that you are going to get few options while selecting the best car. However, you must compare the features, cost, feedback, and all other important aspects before choosing the perfect car for your need. The comparison also gives you the exposure; you are looking for to get the best car. There are many online tools that can compare the cars according to the set parameters. You can select the parameters accordingly, like specifications, cost, performance and others to determine the best one for the purpose.

Test Drive

This may be the last but never the least important part of the car selection. The Test Drive gives you the exact idea about the performance of the car and also the quality of driving. Many things can be said and wrote about a car, but it is important that you ensure whether the car is satisfying all your needs. Well, if it is actually doing so, then the car is fit for your purchase.

There are many cars available in the market with different ranges and specifications. However, this is important that you consider all these points before taking the final call. You will definitely have higher satisfaction if you follow the guide to own a car.


October 04, 2015

Things to consider to purchase a Jeep


Jeep is one of the most dashing and masculine cars one can ever think. However, one does not simply own a jeep with style and attitude; one must make sure to consider each and every point before taking the right call. You may plan to buy a used or a new Jeep, but you must follow the tips for the perfect purchase.

Know what Jeep you want

This is very important to know and understand what Jeep you want to purchase. People generally have some notions about Jeep, but the Classical Jeeps are not the only Jeep available. There are Jeeps like SUV; the Jeep Grand Cherokee is a perfect example of it. There are Jeeps used as picking truck Comanches ca be a good example of it. However, you must decide the Jeep you want to drive and own before searching for the best one.



This is one of the very crucial parts of every Jeep you buy. If you are going for a new Jeep, then the insurance will be common. However, if you are going for the used Jeep, then you must consider the insurance price. The prime reason behind it is the cost differs from year to year model. The choice, in this case, depends upon the budget you have for your Jeep.


Towing is an important part of the Jeep and one must estimate the amount you want your Jeep to tow. It is important to understand that the towing capability of every jeep reduces with time. So, if you are going for a used Jeep then make sure that you consider the same. However, if you have the requirement for high towing capacity, then it is best to go for a brand new Jeep with high capability. You must choose the model of the Jeep accordingly as well.


Different models of Jeep have different space associated with it and you must pick the model as per your choice. The purpose of the Jeep plays a major role here. If you are a travel freak and use your Jeep for travel purpose then Grand Cherokee or TJ could be very useful for higher space utilization. However, it depends upon the need of the buyer and you must select it accordingly.

Jeep History

The Jeep history is also very important before buying especially when you are opting for the used Jeep. Jeeps are very active cars and one can expect some or the other troubles with it if not properly maintained while driving. Even though it was higher durability and strength but it is always important to know the history before buying it.


One must understand that fuel economy is most important part of any car and Jeep is nothing different. It does not matter whether you are going for a used Jeep or a new Jeep, you must get a clear idea on the mileage of the Jeep before taking the final decision.

It is always advisable to Test Drive the Jeep to know more about it before purchasing it.